Tara Bushfires

ACTS' Lifeline to Families Devastated by Tara Fires in October 2023

In the aftermath of the devastating fires that swept through Tara, hope flickered dimly amidst the ashes as five families grappled with the aftermath. However, a beacon of light emerged in the form of financial donations from ACTS (Aspley Caring Through Service), offering a glimmer of hope to those who had lost everything.

For a family with five children, two of whom were autistic, the generosity of ACTS was a lifeline. Struggling to cope with the loss of their home and the upheaval it brought to their lives, they found solace in the support extended to them. With the aid provided, they could envisage a path towards their shattered sense of security.

Similarly, a family with eight children found renewed hope in the face of adversity. With their home reduced to rubble, the financial assistance from ACTS served as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, providing them with the means to envisage a future for their family.

A local SES volunteer, a single mother of two girls, who had dedicated her life to serving others, found herself in need of assistance. Despite her selflessness, she too was not spared from the ferocity of the flames. Yet, the support from ACTS breathed new life into her weary soul, enabling her to rebuild not just her home but also her faith in the goodness of humanity.

As for the elderly man and woman who had lost everything, the donations offered a glimmer of hope in their twilight years. With the support of ACTS, they could envisage rebuilding their lives, one brick at a time, finding strength in the solidarity of their community.

In the wake of devastation, the kindness of strangers illuminated the path forward, offering comfort and hope to those who had lost everything in the fires that ravaged Tara.

In times of crisis, community support shines brightest.