Our Mission

Christ is the great example to Christians everywhere

To be aware of the community on which they live and serve, we are called to be like Him and not to live out our Christian faith in a vacuum but in the service of others. 

This is an imitation of Jesus’s interactions with people while He lived among them: feeding the 5,000 (Matthew 15:32; John 6:10), providing wine for the wedding feast (John 2), making breakfast on the shore for His disciples (John 21) and healing the sick time and again (Luke 5:13; Luke 18:42; John 5:8).

Christ had a special skill for knowing people. He always seemed to be  where the action was and is always involved in  the lives of folk in the community and  sought to care for their needs both corporal and spiritual.

Serving others is a sure sign of true Christianity. The Bible tells the story over and over of Jesus Christ’s dedicated service to those he met in His every day and He encourages and teaches His followers to do the same. The Bible also shows that helping other people serves God and yields blessings.

We are called as His Disciples to imitate Him to serve others in His name, for His sake .   This is the very reason that we believe that God has raised up Dorcas.

ACTS is a ministry of the Aspley Uniting Church, a parish of the Uniting Church of Qld Synod. Dorcas is the activities and brand name of the charity.

Dorcas, also known as Tabitha, is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible in the Book of Acts, Chapter 9, verses 36-42.  Dorcas was a woman who lived in Joppa, known for her good works and acts of charity, particularly for making garments for the needy. The story tells of her becoming ill and dying, and how the Apostle Peter was called to her side. Upon his arrival, Peter prayed for her, and she was miraculously brought back to life, which led to many people believing in the Lord.

This account highlights her as a disciple and a figure of compassion and charity in the early Christian community.

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Dorcas ACTS was established in 2007 when a small group of members of the ASPLEY UNITING CHURCH got together to discuss how Aspley Uniting Church could become involved in giving urgent financial help to people beyond our congregation who were in crisis situations.