Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of crises or disasters does Dorcas ACTS help with?

Dorcas ACTS helps with a wide range of crises and disasters, these include natural disasters (fire and flood), personal crises such as Domestic Violence, Accidents/medical issues etc. Dorcas ACTS provides short term relief and hope.

How can I apply for help from Dorcas ACTS?

Click on this Need Help link to find out how to apply for help

What form of financial assistance does Dorcas provide?

Dorcas makes once-off payments.  These payments are made directly to the individual in crisis, typical amounts are $500 or $1,000.

What is the difference between the name Dorcas ACTS and ACTS?

ACTS is the legal name of the charity; Dorcas ACTS is the registered business name of the charity.  We use Dorcas ACTS as the main branding because it is distinctive and is therefore easy to search and find information. For the website we abbreviate Dorcas ACTS to Dorcas, so the website is

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Dorcas ACTS was established in 2007 when a small group of members of the ASPLEY UNITING CHURCH got together to discuss how Aspley Uniting Church could become involved in giving urgent financial help to people beyond our congregation who were in crisis situations.