This report covers activities for the period January to December 2023.

The Aspley Caring Through Service (ACTS) is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for Profits Commission Regulation 2013.

Managed by the Board of Management, ACTS members included Everald Compton (Chairman), Wally Rea (Secretary), Bernie Meyer (Treasurer), with Andrew Norton, Jose Faktaufon, Chris Wright (from June), Tom Freeman (from June), Fay Nolan and Shirley Kuhbauch serving as Board members.

Donations received totalled $71,740.45 ($57,830.70 in 2022). Some donations were raised from sources outside of AUC.

Fund-raising activities by various Church groups contributed a significant 36 per cent (10% in 2022) of total revenue. The activities included:

  • Katy Edwards sale of her post cards and art works.
  • The sale of books donated by authors Everald Compton and Neil Florence.
  • AUC Annual Market Day.
  • AUC Friendship Club, and
  • Everald Compton’s Book Launch in March 2023.

For years, Gwenda Wood operated a stall at the Church yard selling jams and the like with full proceeds donated to ACTS. Apparently, the stall has disappeared but Gwenda has continued making regular financial contributions to ACTS. Gwenda, your fund-raising activities has been a great inspiration for members of ACTS, and we wish you all the best. Thank you.

 The ACTS Chair, Everald Compton is also active in fund-raising activities for ACTS.  In March he hosted a Book Launch of his latest book CATCHING THE LINVILLE TRAIN. It was a fund-raising function with the proceeds, plus all royalties on books sold at the function donated to ACTS. Total funds raised was $16,360. Great evening that attracted a fair number of people.

All credits go to the Rector of All Saints Anglican Church, Chermside, Father Daniel for allowing the use of the Church’s Hall and facilities free of charge. Several of his Church members were also on hand helping with the function.

Three members of Shirley Kuhbauch’s family also volunteered their services for the evening which greatly helped on the customer service side of the function.

ACTS appreciated your contributions and support. Thank you.

Emergency payments amounted to $44,400 ($77,500 in 2022) for the period.

The support payments were spread across the 5 Support Areas as shown in the table below:

From the table above, 41 per cent of payments were to support people on the streets. The Partners responsible for their direct distributions included:

  • Rosies – Friends on the Street: Brisbane suburbs, Gold Coast area and in Cairns.
  • St John’s Cathedral Brisbane: CBD area.
  • Andy’s Place (St Andrews UC): CBD area.
  • All Saints Anglican Church Chermside: Chermside area.
  • Loaves and Fishes Street Meet Services: Logan Central area.

Thirty-eight per cent went to support victims of natural disasters. ACTS supported flood victims in Deloraine Tasmania and in the Pioneer Valley Mackay. We also supported several Bushfire victims in the Tara and Millmerran areas, North Queensland.

The ACTS Newsletter is issued quarterly. It is a great source of information about our current activities. Partners and Stakeholders are informed of our activities during the year. Yes, we seek to attract potential and new financial Partners. Also, we seek Volunteers,

  • To find people in crisis anywhere in Australia so we can directly assist them financially.
  • Volunteer to keep in casual touch with them as they fight their way back into the light.

Our annual ACTS Sunday was celebrated on Sunday 18 June 2023. For the second year running, members of the Board of Management led the 2 morning Services. The Sunday also marked the main fund-raising day for ACTS.

Supporting people in need was provided in Partnership with:

  • Rosies – Friends on the Street: meals for the poor, the unemployed and the homeless.
  • The Queensland Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Foundation QATSIF: provides educational scholarships to support eligible First Nations students with the educational costs of their senior studies.
  • St John’s Cathedral Brisbane: food vouchers and bedding items for the homeless.
  • St Andrews Uniting Church (now called Andy’s Place), Brisbane: meals and food parcels for the homeless, families with bills to pay and food hampers for the Christmas season.
  • All Saints Anglican Church Chermside: meals for the homeless and offering a place to socialize briefly through their Soup Kitchen as well as food hampers for the Christmas season.
  • Loaves and Fishes Street Meet Services providing meals and food parcels for the homeless and people on struggling streets around Logan central area.
  • St David’s Anglican Church, Mossman/Port Douglas: bushfire victims.
  • St Paul’s Uniting Church Mackay: flood victims, and
  • The Office of the MP for Lyons, Tasmania: flood victims.

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all ACTS Partners, organisations and supporters for walking with ACTS in providing support for people in need.

The number of people in need in society is growing rapidly. The main drivers for this trend:

  • The high cost of living, and
  • Shortage of housing accommodation, meaning very high rentals.

Of course, in our field of work we face challengers including locating volunteers, donations, and good communication support.

ACTS Quarterly Newsletter is a positive step in taking our message and appeal out to the public.

With sourcing funds, we need to be creative and smart in attracting funds as there is always an element of charity-donations fatigue out there.

ACTS Website is currently being restructured/re-modelled by some competent minds in the communication industry. The aim of the re-structured website: a simple and direct connection with donors  and providing timely support to people in crisis.

Working towards a caring and humane community, ACTS mission is to walk with individuals in need. The Community’s support for our journey is accepted with deep gratitude. 

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ACTS was established in 2007 when a small group of members of the ASPLEY UNITING CHURCH got together to discuss how Aspley Uniting Church could become involved in giving urgent financial help to people beyond our congregation who were in crisis situations.