Mossman Floods

A snapshot of some of the people you have helped through the devastating floods in Mossman in late 2023
  • $1000 to a couple whose house went under and along with household goods, lost his equipment for mowing, lawn care, handyman etc completely and his wife lost all her sewing machines etc. that she used for her sewing business. They’re not sure if their house will be restored or condemned. Meanwhile they continue to pay a mortgage and live with friends
  • Groceries and Kmart voucher to an aboriginal lady who lost everything, with no insurance. She cares not only for her children but also her grandchildren. Full house needing new furniture and clothing.
  • Couple who lost all under their house which was set up as a granny flat, as well as their caravan, which still has mud through it.  He suffers badly with his PDSD after life in the military. Has been a good neighbour to many and even with no insurance, thought there were others more needy. They were given a Kmart voucher.
  • Single man with cancer and a dog. Not feeling he needs help even though his house went under. He was given two vouchers anyway.
  • Old man who has let his household insurance go for the first year ever, flood waters went through his house and his biggest sadness was that the chipboard shelving where he kept his previous photos etc was falling apart. Was appreciative of the Kmart voucher to buy a new one and the Woollies voucher.
  • A man who lost everything in his house with no insurance. Had to leave town after the initial cleanup to have a break. Returned this week to hear that his dad has just died in the UK. A very tough time for him – the gifts are very helpful.

God bless you all. 🙏🏼